GIPT opens Pain & Spine Center

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - For nearly a quarter of adults, there is some kind of chronic pain that ails them. According to the CDC, it is one of the most common reasons adults seek medical attention. A new Grand Island physical therapy office is focusing on those long-term pains to show they don't have to stay that way forever. 

Chronic pain can cause people to be out of work or unable to get through a day without pain. Many people who have it end up just trying to push through. Those who don’t have it can’t always see and understand why someone is always in pain.

“It's more common than most people think. It can become quite debilitating and I think a lot of people just try to fight through it,” Physical Therapist Justin Kral said.

Grand Island Physical Therapy opened the Pain and Spine Center on South Locust. Kral said he treats people of all ages. He also said more people should be aware of reoccurring pains because they can cause issues in other places in the body.

“So when you're in your 20's and 30's and go it's normal to have my knee hurt when I run, I will just deal with it,” Kral said. “But then as you get into your 40's and 50's that knee pain starts getting worse and worse and then you get younger people needing total knee [replacements]."

“I just had a person just recently, a younger person, that couldn't hardly walk for 10 minutes without sitting due to pain and she's already up and jogging and exercising on a regular basis and it had been three or four years since she had been able to do anything,” Kral said.

He hopes with the quieter environment people will feel more comfortable sharing their chronic issues and get on a path to a painless future.