Breaking News: We're so proud of our MIPS Scores!

Central Nebraska Rehabilitation Services' clinics - Grand Island Physical TherapyBalance Mobility & Aquatic Therapy Center, Grand Island Physical Therapy Pain and Spine Center, Women's Health and Healing Center, Kearney Physical Therapy, Children's Rehab Centers of Grand Island-Kearney-Hastings, Balance Mobility Hastings, Aurora Physical Therapy, and St. Elizabeth Sports & Physical Therapy - are excited and proud to announce that our clinics have been rated in the TOP 8% nationally with a score of 92.35 out of 100 for patient outcomes (Source: CMS: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – MIPS: Merit Based Incentive Payment System).

In addition to our company’s high overall MIPS score, we also had 10 Clinicians who individually scored in the top 93rd percentile, ranking them in the top 7% nationally, while 8 additional Clinicians scored in the top 90th percentile on specific quality measures, ranking them in the top 10% nationally!

This is important to our patients, and our community - as these ratings are based on providing QUALITY, COST-EFFECTIVE CARE and DRIVING IMPROVEMENT IN CARE PROCESSES AND HEALTH OUTCOMES while REDUCING THE COST OF CARE!

The bottom line is that our company's patients, on average, improved significantly more than the national average.

Experience Better!